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Filozofia, 64 (2009), 5, 465-469.
Typ článku: Úvahy - eseje

The concept of the digital-facial-image as employed by Mark N. Hansen offers a new paradigm of our approach to digital media. The article aims at exploring the category of affect (or affective power), which is understood not as a quality inherent to the image (as Deleuze proposes in his Cinema I), but as a potential of human body, which thus achieves a privileged position. Affection can be conceived a necessary bodily response to digital information. To experience it as an information unit the data flux have to be sifted through our corporeal being and transformed into images that have a meaning for us. Hansen argues that the digital image as such is inseparable from perceiving it since the former is not a fixed representation of reality. The notion of “digital image” is then used in its broader, not only visual sense, as a term that encompasses the entire process in which information is made perceivable.

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Communication, Digital image, Body, Affect, Frame, Interface

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