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Pojem verzus koncepcia spravodlivosti v analytickej filozofii práva (1. časť)

Filozofia, 77 (2022), 4, 233 - 250.
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The author analyzes the difference between a concept and its different conceptions by using the example of the difference between the concept and conceptions of justice in analytic philosophy in the context of constitutional interpretation. The difference between the concept and distinct conceptions of the concept appears within a section of constitutional interpretation theory illustrating the change in the meaning of moral terms that denote constitutional rights and liberties, principles and values. The author argues that the distinction between a concept and its distinct conceptions may generate more controversy than it resolves in constitutional interpretation theory and should therefore be rejected. This distinction, however, points to one significant linguistic phenomenon that clearly deserves attention, and that is polysemy.

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Concept, Conception, Constitution, Dworkin, Interpretation, Law, Pragmatics, Rawls, Semantics

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