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Gnozeological Aspects of the Relation of Mathematics and Physics

(Original title: Gnozeologické aspekty matematiky a fyziky)
Filozofia, 30 (1975), 2, 165-176.
Type of work: Papers - Dialectical Materialism and Philosophy of Natural Sciences
Publication language: Slovak
The paper points at the dialectical structure of mathematics, which becomes thus a suitable instrument for investigating many phenomena in inanimate nature. It analyzes more in detail the process of the creating of physical models and their mathematic representation. It is being emphasized that an axiomatic approach to physics is impossible, because we do not know all principles that control the inanimate nature. It is further pointed out that the physicist has to bear constantly in mind the physical sense of mathematic operations that he uses while deducing from the physical laws formulated mathematically, because the deduced consequence must correspond to experiments.
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