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Intuitive Realism in the Slovak Marxist Authors’ Critique

(Original title: Intuitívny realizmus v kritike slovenských marxistických autorov)
Filozofia, 34 (1979), 3, 290-305.
Type of work: Papers - Marxist Philosophy in Slovakia
Publication language: Slovak
The intuitive realism of Professor N. O. Losský and his Slovak adherents (J. Dieška, P. Gula, M. Chladný-Hanoš) developed in Slovakia during the Slovak State and in the first postwar years. It started from naive realism, turned against gnozeological theories of mediated cognition of objective reality, it proclaimed the possibility of immediate cognition of this reality by means of three kinds of intuition: the sensual, the rational and the mystical one. In ontology it was supported by several theses of Christian religion, it was an idealistic, mystical-fideistic direction. After the war, the Slovak adherents of intuitive realism turned against Marxism, first in gnozeology only, then also in other branches. Dieška criticized Marxist gnozeology and proved that it was leading to solipsism. I. Hrušovský and Stanislav Felber stood out in defence of Marxism. After February 1948 the intuitive realists fell silent in this country.
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