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Activation of the Subjective Factor in the Intensification of the Reproductive Process of the Socialist Society

(Original title: Aktivizácia subjektívneho činiteľa v intenzifikácii reprodukcie socialistickej spoločnosti)
Filozofia, 43 (1988), 1, 8-19.
Type of work: Papers - Intensification of the Human Factor and the Development of the Socialist Social Consciousness
Publication language: Slovak

The dynamism of the scientific-technological and social-economic development is interconnected in the socialist society by relationships in which is also dynamized the subjectivity of its members as a precondition of their active participation in the production and exploitation of social values in the process of accomplishing their way and quality of life in their collective life in the developing socialism. In the contemporary socialist society the dissatisfaction of people with the interial structures which had been formed in the years of industrialization and extensive development of society is turning into a motivation source of their modernizing social activity in the process of intensified reconstruction of the process of reproduction of the socialist social system.

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