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Reason, Intuition and Belief in Moral Choice

(Original title: Rozum, intuícia a viera v morálnej voľbe)
Filozofia, 44 (1989), 6, 690-699.
Type of work: Papers - Marxist Ethics and Contemporaneity
Publication language: Slovak

The author understands moral choice as the point of intersection of moral life. When defining the role of reason, intuition and belief in moral choice, she starts from differentiating its two levels (deciding in well-known schemes and in new problematic situations). It follows from the analysis that the key moment of deciding is the choice of the person. This question is analyzed on the horizon of the relationship of reason and belief as it is discussed among contemporary marxist ethicists. The base of these discussions is the conviction that recent marxist ethics overestimated the possibilities of reason which led to overevaluation of ethics in moral education. Time requires overcoming of simplified conception of morals and theoretical elaboration and practical realization of the fundamental aim of moral education which is implanting of belief in steadiness and intactness of moral values. This standpoint shows the necessity of appraisal of the phenomenon of moral belief as the ontological base of decision processes in morals. It does not lead to contradiction between the scientific ethical analysis and moral reality.

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