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On Some Aspects of the Analysis of the Concept „Method“

(Original title: K niektorým aspektom analýzy pojmu metóda)
Filozofia, 37 (1982), 3, 342-349.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Slovak
In the paper the characteristics, attributed to method are given on the ground of analysis of common definitions of method. The definitions of method are divided according to what ontological status they assign to metod (method is conceived as activity; as a way, form or structure of activity; as verbal expression — instruction for activity; as a direction of activity. As the unfolding of the definition of method, given by Professor Filkorn, another definition is brought. In it the method ought to be the way of activity, following some aim; „the way of activity“ is conceived as a form of temporal succession of the states of the given activity complex, i.e. as a dynamic whole (as a rule, a system) made by the factors of activity and effecting the given activity. The factors of activity are: the object, the subject, the means, the surroundings and environment of activity.
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