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Popper’s „Critical Rationalism“ and Restoration of Metaphysics

(Original title: Popperov „kritický racionalizmus“ a reštaurácia metafyziky)
Filozofia, 41 (1986), 6, 653-663.
Type of work: Papers - Criticism of Non-Marxist Philosophical Streams
Publication language: Slovak

K. R. Popper is an influential representative of bourgeois philosophy, methodology and logic of science in the second half of this century. His intelectual development is motivated by critical relation to conceptions of logical empiricists. He created a conception of „critical rationalism“ in which he found a starting point for his dynamic methodological conception. His anti-inductivist attitude has been successively transformed into a critical-rationalistic model of science which is typical for falsificationism, phenomenalism, noetical scepticism, vigorous hypothetism in view of the truth of scientific propositions and so on, not excepting even conventionalism as a method of choice of alternative propositions and theories, existing parallel. As an expression of these conceptions of Popper’s may be also considered his model of the growth of science. His efforts to restore metaphysics is materialized in his „three worlds“ conception, by means of which Popper not only restores metaphysics but also certain aspects of objective idealism of Platos type. His anti-historism reacts critically against historical-materialist conception of history and Popper becomes a theoretician of the contemporary bourgeois social reformism.

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