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A Critical Conception of International Order. Axel Honneth on Recognition between States

(Original title: Kritická koncepce mezinárodního uspořádaní. Axel Honneth o uznání mezi státy)
Filozofia, 66 (2011), 5, 405-422.
Type of work: Papers
Publication language: Czech

The paper deals with the conception of international order as developed by Axel Honneth within his theory of social recognition. It is a reconstruction as well as an interpretation of the conception, showing the possibilities and limitations of its application on transnational and global levels. The first part sheds light on Honnet’s moral realism with respect to its legitimacy. The second part focuses on the foundations of Honneth’s conception of the international recognition. The third part discusses the need of international recognition as related to political and cultural recognitions. The fourth part shows the insufficiencies of the conception of international recognition on the background of globalization on one hand and the individual/society relationship on the other. The fifth part deals with the transposition of Honneth’s three patterns of recognition from the national level to international and transnational levels. In mapping the tendencies to transnational and global recognitions the sixth part focuses on the important transitory phenomenon of extraterritorial recognition. The hints for further analysis of the theory of recognition on transnational and global levels are given as well.


Recognition, International arrangement, Critical theory

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