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Ontologické predpoklady ľudského predvídania

Filozofia, 36 (1981), 2, 146-155.
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The paper concentrates upon the methodological turn in some concepts of contemporary scientific disciplines, namely those that have recently functioned to express the specifity of human activity such as purpose, aim, anticipation. The author makes an attempt to express main correlations of the categories „reflection“, „preconceiving reflection of reality“ (P. K. Anochin), „a model of necessary future“ (N. A. Bernštejn) and „anticipation“. He points out the stimulative effect of the dialectical application of these concepts in social sciences, especially when developing the category of human future which is connected with social needs. He further shows the connection of the phenomenon of cyclic recurrence which is fixed by the concept “a model of necessary future“ with relations of iterativity which are expressed by the category of the objective law. Human anticipation is considered by the author to be the highest stage of development of the “preconceiving reflection of reality“, the stage which is a dialectical negation of this phenomenon in the biotic sphere.
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