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Evolúcia ako biologická forma pohybu

Filozofia, 36 (1981), 4, 376-392.
Typ článku: State - Filozofické problémy prírodných vied
The author analyzes some aspects of philosophical problems of evolution as a biological form of motion. On evaluating various forms of motion it is necessary to keep in mind the importance of relations where questions of stability and variability as factors which influence each other come forward. The classification of forms of motion is continuously improved and given precision to in the proces of knowing and in the light of new results of natural and social sciences. The process of knowing aims at discovering material bearers of various forms of motion. The foundation of this classification was laid down by the classics of dialectical materialism. The evolutionary theory is continuously supported and enriched by new knowledge. This form of motion includes laws which are contained in lower forms, i. e. physical and chemical motion. Evaluating the complex form of motion — the biological one the author deals cursorily with the concept “life“ as a resultant of biological form of motion.
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