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Sociálnodemokratická tlač a šírenie myšlienok marxizmu na Slovensku počiatkom 20. storočia

Filozofia, 36 (1981), 6, 625-641.
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It was problems of the nation, patriotism and internationalism, the materialistic view of history, the theory of social classes and social struggle and the questions of culture that attracted the author’s attention among issues that were dealth with from the philosophic point of view or directly as philosophic problems in the social-democratic press at the sitart of the XXth century or which could be met in the papers, programme declaration and brochures. If the views of the Slovak Socialists on problems of the nation before the foundation of the independent Czechoslovak State are to be summarized, the following basic principles must be pointed out: 1. they prefered the class aspect to the exclusively national one, 2. they laid emphasis on the international solidarity of the workmen, the proletarian internationalism, 3. they stressed the necessity of the political organizing of the working classes on a larger scale, they pointed out, that the politically organized proletariat has greater capacity for action even in the questions of nationality, 4. they both overestimated parliamentarism as the best possible way to civil and therefore even national equal rights and at the same time underestimated the revolutionary take over of the power by the working class. The explanation of the Marxist view of the history of human society appeared more times on pages of the "Workers’ Paper”, especially in the series of papers that, under the title "The Socialist Chapters“, made the readers acquainted with basic principles of Marxist philosophy, political economy and the tactics of the social strugle. Here the characteristics of the substance of economic crises under capitalism, thoughts on the accumulation of capital, pauperization of the people, possibilities of social transformations, the necessity of the general and equal franchise etc. were explained. In all the papers that were .concerned with problems of culture the refusal — either directly expressed or following from the context — of idealistic and psychologic approach to the personality of the creators of cultural values can be found. On the contrary, stress is laid on the social character of culture. Pointing out of the social determination of the rise and development of human culture went hand in hand with the understanding and explanation of the class character of culture, whereby emphasis was laid on the successful class struggle of the proletariat which alone could create optimal conditions for further cultural development of the nation.
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