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Dialektika potrieb a záujmov v procese rozvoja socialistickej osobnosti

Filozofia, 42 (1987), 2, 176-190.
Typ článku: State - Dialektika súčasnej etapy rozvoja socializmu

The search for connections between dialectics of needs and interests and the development of man follows from the materialist conception of history, from the objective-social, psycho-cognitive character of the human individuality that in relation to the external objective world, in the process of its modification and also of his self-formation, his self-preservation must simultaneously satisfy his needs and must realize his interests, being a consequence of his cooperation with other individuals. In the pre-socialist society needs and interests, the process of their satisfaction were contradictory, mediated through social-class antagonisms. In the bosom of this process there continued a correlated onesided, desintegrated one of the development of man alone. Only under conditions of developed socialist relationships the mentioned antagonism of realization of needs and interests gave place to the regular tendency of their mutual dialectical harmonization whose expression is an all-round and harmonious development of the personality of the socialist man.

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