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Prítomnosť človeka. Antropologický prístup Helmutha Plessnera

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 7, 562-571.
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On the basis of the analysis of some of Helmuth Plessner’s topics (expression of cry, corporeity, man in relations, situations and historicity) we try to introduce the specific approach of philosophical anthropology. Through the “eccentric positionality” as the core concept of Plessner’s anthropology we understand also his multilayered and specific form of questioning, openness and indeterminacy of man (Ger. Unergründlichkeit). By the question of actuality and influence of anthropological initiative which arose in the 30’s in Germany we focus finally also on its relation to phenomenology as well as its roots in the philosophy of life.

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Crying, Eccentricity, Expression, Phenomenology, Philosophical anthropology

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