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Foucaultův dispozitiv v kontextu uživatelsky generovaného obsahu v prostředí Webu 2.0

Filozofia, 76 (2021), 8, 596 - 607.
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The author of this article concentrates on the problem of dispositif in the context of web 2.0 while using the approach of new media epistemology, particularly Foucault’s genealogy. He does so thanks to the shift from poststructuralist interpretation of panopticism (Foucault 2000) towards the synopticism of network (Bauman, Lyon 2013) described by surveillance studies. Thanks to this comparison, he presents the main thesis of this article based on the assumption that produsers (Bruns 2008) are more free and therefore they generate content that is more based on the essence of arbitrariness. Based on the conclusions mentioned above, he defines dispositif of web 2.0 eventually.

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Dispositif, Panopticism, Poststructuralism, Produsage, Surveillance studies, Synopticism, Web 2.0

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