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K otázke vplyvu sociálnych práv na kvalitu života

Filozofia, 78 (2023), 5, 380 - 394.
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Questions of happiness or well-being are traditional philosophical themes. These are nowadays covered by the issue of quality of life. Although this is a term whose interpretations vary, the terms well-being, happy or fulfilling life are used. The issue is interdisciplinary and resonates across disciplines, including philosophy. Quality of life is a topic that is approached from different perspectives and from different points of view. In this study, we will focus on the philosophical aspects of quality of life issues that are related to human rights, especially social rights, and examine those aspects that are central to quality of life issues, particularly in the context of the operation of ethical normative criteria related to social rights and their bearing on quality-of-life concerns. The aim of the study is thus to look for the intersection between the individual and the social to highlight that it is social rights that have had and continue to have the most significant impact on quality of life. They are a tool to ensure the basic necessities of life but also the ideas of equality and justice. They are an essential prerequisite for personal development since they create objective possibilities for seizing opportunities and those qualitative indicators that make it possible, in the long term, to live a fulfilling life.
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Quality of life, Social rights, Happiness, Well-being, Fulfilling life

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