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Human Flourishing, Human Nature, and Practices: MacIntyre’s Ethics Still Requires a More Thomistic Metaphysics

Filozofia, 79 (2024), 3, 319 - 333.
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My aim in this paper is to investigate what enables human flourishing from a Thomistic perspective by considering Aquinas’ natural inclinations. I will argue that human beings flourish in different ways, depending on their practices. However, not every practice contributes to human flourishing, but only those that are consistent with human nature, which agents grasp through their natural inclinations. To support this argument, I will critically analyze MacIntyre’s account, referring mainly to his latest work (2016). MacIntyre has the merit of highlighting the role of practices in human flourishing by considering the narrative dimension in the agents’ lives, but he fails to recognize the properly metaphysical framework of human nature, that would be provided by the proper consideration of natural inclinations.
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Alasdair MacIntyre, human flourishing, Metaphysics, natural inclinations, practices, Thomas Aquinas

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