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L’hyperbole en tant qu’expression de l’unheimlich freudien

Filozofia, 68 (2013), Supplementary Issue 2: L’Individu et la famille, 54-61.
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The contemporary scientific and media discourses point out to the crisis of the family: once a familiar place and a guarantee of a healthy development of individuals it is becoming to represent the very opposite of all these qualities: an unfamiliar, disturbing, strange and menacing place. However, in the past decades the unfamiliarity of the familiar is not stressed only in the functional (operational) language, but also in indirect (iconic) renderings of reality. Such equivocal texts resort to hyperbole to stress the so-called “unheimlich” in the constitution of the fabula and the sujet. As the interpretation of the multilayered contemporary writing suggests, the use of exaggeration and distortions does not necessarily lead to the weakening of the aesthetic value of the text under scrutiny.

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Aesthetic value, Crisis of the family, Defamiliarization, Iconicity, Operationality, Principle of construction