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Baconov indukcionizmus

Filozofia, 29 (1974), 3, 215-229.
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There are three various types of inductionism, i. e. various theories of science in which induction is preferred to other methodological operations. Bacons’s inductionism is consequent because it refuses deduction as useless, it is multi-level (realistic, innominalist). Bacon's theory of induction has an ontological background, it is being built upon his theory of the relation between properties and their form. There are also three tables that result from this theory (the table of the presence, that of the absence, and that of the grades). There are further suppositions of Bacon’s induction to be investigated (the principle of the limited variety and that of entirely known instances), ft follows from the fact that the form of the investigated property must be contained in the table of presence that a broader generalization requires broader tables, which leads to the collecting and atheoretical character of Baconian science. This is no theory but only natural history. That is why Bacon’s induction is a weak method.
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