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„Kritická teória“ a súčasný filozofický revizionizmus

Filozofia, 29 (1974), 4, 400-412.
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The comparative method is used for investigating the mutual influence of the “Frankfurt School“ and the contemporary West-European philosophical revisionism. Both movements reduce marxism to a mere social theory, they deny its materialistic. substance and validity in relation to nature. They refuse the basic philosophical question as a non-scientific “abstractum“. Matter is conceived as the objectivized subject. They do not recognize the leninist stage of the development of marxism. The relation: matter — consciousness is changed by them into the relation: object—subject. They do not differenciate between “reality and thinking“. They replace the notion of “economic-social formation“ by the continuous reflexions of forces of production, technology and civilization. From this starting point they elaborate the pseudomarxist variant of the theory of “convergency“. It is not the revolutionization of proprietary relations that is the criterion of their criticism, but the development of forces of production and technology as preconditions of “real“ democracy in “democratic socialism“, which can be realized through “finalization of capitalism“. The class struggle and socialist revolution are therefore declared as useless.
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