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Carnapov indukcionizmus

Filozofia, 29 (1974), 5, 478-503.
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The paper is a sequel (9) and (10) and a preparation for the critical analysis of Carnap’s inductionist conception of science. It describes the essential part of Carnap's theory of science — his inductive logic and inductive methods, while starting straight from the structure of classifiable universes and thus more immediately (without possible state-descriptions and Q-predicates) and more naturally (with a poorer and direct language of the classificatory subject-predicate logic) arriving at sentences (1. 13.) — (1, 5). The other part of the paper describes the axiomatic system according to (7) and (3), while it does not suppose that the degree of affirmation may be the regular c-function. The consequences of regularity are asserted by the axiom A 12, which is, however, proved to be understood as the theorem axiom A6 — A9 and A11a. In the paper, the weak sides of Carnap’s conception and the directions of its criticism are indicated.
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