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Fischerov revizionistický variant teórie „generačných konfliktov“

Filozofia, 30 (1975), 3, 280-293.
Typ článku: State a diskusie - Kritika súčasnej buržoáznej filozofie
Ernst Fischer was one of the most active revisionists who, by the end of the 1959s and during the 1960s, influenced the Czechoslovak public. He was also the chief propagator of the anti-communist theory of „generation conflicts“ in this country. Fischer explicated his variant of the theory of „generation conflicts“ in his book The Problems of the Young Generation. This book shared largely in the infiltration of anti-communist and revisionist opinions among our youth. Fischer’s conception of the youth is an application of his revisionist conception to the problems of the youth. It is a mixture of a capricious selection of literary heroes that are to characterize individual generations and of an artful disguised propagation of bourgeois and anti-communist opinions and theories. It is impossible to look for logic, in the current sense of the word, in his views of the youth, even if it is necessary to admit that there, is, after all, a certain distrinctive logic — a logic of decline, of superficiality with the intention to bring general doubts. Fischer confines the solution of the problems of youth to a question-mark, to doubtfulness, to a classless indiscrimination in the spirit of his general revisionist conception.
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