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Socialistický humanizmus a problém tvorby

Filozofia, 30 (1975), 3, 294-300.
Typ článku: State a diskusie - Humanizmus, pokrok a tvorba
Humanism does not mean a onesided passive charity and compassion, but first of all a launching of creative capabilities, a disclosing of a ground for human creation. The real humanism certainly is not directed only to humanizing the inhuman, but first of all it tends to the creation of the human, — to the creation of human life environment, human reality, human farms of life. The notion of humanism does not express any ideal state in the relations among people, but only a tending towards it, a perpetual indicating of ways that lead to such a state. It is creation that is a mediating measure of activity between humanistic theory and humanistic practice. In socialist society the human activity that becomes evident first of all in the work aimed at creating new life conditions, ceases to be only a mediation of a true being of man, but becomes an inevitable condition of a further development of the social organism. If this activity is only a single attempt at surpassing the personal sphere of man, it remains on the level of individual effort for self-realization; but if it is at the same time in concord with the regularities of social development, we can call such activity creation. In creation man produces qualitatively new values and makes a new reality not only within the framework of the individual being, but also of the collective social one. He creates not only material values, but produces also new relations among the people — creators. This is why neither the rise of new social conditions can do without it.
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