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Filozofia, 30 (1975), 5, 500-507.
Typ článku: State a diskusie - Filozofické problémy rozvoja socialistickej spoločnosti
Already The Manifesto of the Communist Party contains a critique of the petty-bourgeois conception of socialism. The petty-bourgeois interpretation of socialism ousted into the theories of democratic socialism and became the chief weapon of anticommunism in the fi3ht against the real socialism. The Information from the Crisis Development in the Party and Society after the 15 th con ress of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia points out that the mistakes and drawbacks had more serious consequences in thus country because in the social structure of our society many petty-bourgeois strata exerted a great influence in villages and among city inhpbitance. That is why the fight against the petty-bourgeois thinking and acting is one of the most important tasks in the contemporary stage of building-up socialism in this country. The disclosing of the petty-bourgeois substance, can not be realized once and for ever. It is the process of learning to know the petty-bourgeois behaviour is concrete conditions that is the matter. Petty-bourg ois behaviour always concrete, the petty-bourgeois lines in a concret. time and in a cocrete society. Friedrich Engels depicts his phenomena under various conditions and in differentiated situations.
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