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Individuálny a sociálny svet človeka

Filozofia, 30 (1975), 6, 573-583.
Typ článku: State a diskusie - Akademik A. Sirácky 75-ročný
The paper Individual and Social World of Man has been written on occasion of the 75th birthday of the Academician A. Sirácky. The author inquires into his contribution to the problems of the relation of the individual and the social from the viewpoint of philosophical aspects. The attention is concentrated namely upon the questions of the forming of the socialist man, upon the problems of constituting ,,the sciences of man“, which the Academician A. Sirácky analyzes in his latest book publication Sociálny svet človeka (The Social World of Man). The paper deals with some suggestions of philosophical character, inquires into the philosophical-methodological basis of the potential system of ,,the sciences of man“, the relations of philosophy to those philosophical branches that inquire into the specific properties of man as individual and as social being.
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