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Modelovanie v biologickom výskume

Filozofia, 31 (1976), 6, 580-591.
Typ článku: State - Filozofické problémy prírodných vied
It was not until present that modelling as the means of theoretical and experimental research in biology acquired such qualitatively new features as a result of which it became one of the effective methods of modern biological research. In the most general definition modelling is characterized as material or mental imitation of real existing system by means of generating special analogues (models) reproducing the principles of organisation and functioning of this system. Modelling presupposes first the subject inquiring the lawfulness of natural processes, then the object of inquiry and finally the model mediating the relation of perceiving subject and perceived object. The process of modelling begins by proposing the task. The researcher isolates certain properties and relations of the object. The next step is formed by the choice of the model-certain object analogous in particular relation to the original. Further on the model proceeds as an independent representant of object and becomes the object of investigation. After having finished the investigation of the model the information is transferred to the original and verified. The method of modelling acquires a broad application in modern biology and will acquire the more success the closer its connection with other methods of biological research, with the theory of modelled phenomena, that is with their biological interpretation, will be.
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