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Spoločenská funkcia bohatstva a spôsob života

Filozofia, 33 (1978), 3, 301-312.
Typ článku: State - Práca a prax
The building up of the advanced socialist society ist at the same time a process of formation and of a search for new personal qualities of poeple. The complexity and the unusually tenacious struggle between the retarding and the progressive sets of values only coorroborate the extraordinary urgency of a complex solution of the problems of man. With regard to the social reproduction processes also the research of questions connected with the forming of necessities, interests, aims, value orientation and of the whole way of life is of elementary importance. The category of wealth denotes here the values of both material and spiritual nature that are perceived and multiplied by man in the practical objective social activity, in the process of manysided socialization of his intrinsic powers. From this aspect also K. Marx analyzed the manifestations of the social function of wealth in concrete historical epochs of the development of merchandise-monetary relations as product and means of objective process of the universal development of human necessities and capabilities. The paper deals with the analysis of the main atributes of the social function of wealth in the conditions of socialist proprietary relations.
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