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O slobode osobnosti (Základné materialistickodialektické sta­noviská marxisticko-leninského chápania slobody)

Filozofia, 33 (1978), 4, 406-426.
Typ článku: State - Z filozofie Nemeckej demokratickej republiky
The paper points out the sharp theoretical and political antagonism between the Marxist and the contemporary bourgeois conception of freedom. It discloses the deceitful character of bourgeois ideology, as its conception of freedom means an employment of capitalist exploitation and freedom of capital. The Marxist-Leninist conception of freedom confronts materialism, dialectics, concrete-historical way of thinking, the class proletarian standpoint with idealism, metaphysics, the abstractnonhistorical way of thinking with ,the class subjectivism of bourgeois ideology. Marxism-Leninism takes freedom as a process, while natural inevitability, regularity of social development, scientific knowledge and conscious acting of man form one whole. Materialism is connected here with dialectics, determinism with an acknowledgement of man’s conscious activity, objective conditions with the subjective factor. Freedom means the possibility and capability of controlling the objective conditions of life process. With the rise of socialism the decisive aspect of freedom — i. e. capability of planwise controlling the conditions of man’s existence — is no longer confined to nature only, but it is related also to the process of social development.
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