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K problémom organizácie vedy

Filozofia, 33 (1978), 5, 534-541.
Typ článku: State - Teória vedy
The struoture of any concrete system becomes developmentable only in connection with the fact that the inner components of the system operate and develop in the relations of organization of unity and mutual operation of the components of the whole. Not the structure itself, but the organization of structure expresses the relevant precisions, by which the system is differentiated qualitatively from another system and becomes capable of interaction with other systems in developmental unity with them. Even the structure of the system of science is in its developmental conversions thu's organizationally conditioned. Special importance is to be ascribed to organization of science namely where we attempt at commanding the complicated social functions of science, outwardly known as the functions of science ingrowing into the social production practice. In the concrete integration of science and production practice, the effective developmental forms of controlling the transformations of input and output functions of science decide by the organization of its structure.
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