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K leninskej koncepcii vzťahu filozofie a prírodných vied

Filozofia, 35 (1980), 3, 260-272.
Typ článku: State - 110. výročie narodenia V. I. Lenina
While criticizing „physical“ idealism, Lenin was continuously solving problems of relation of philosophy and natural sciences. The basic principle he made one of his starting points was substantial unity of materialistic philosophy and natural sciences. Philosophical interpretation of the knowledge, difficulties and developmental trends in natural sciences goes at the level of foundations of science [its categorial groundwork), epistemology (analysis of epistemological science which bear on world outlook Lenin showed convincingly problems of science and its development), the consequences of the need for another aspect — the analysis of positive or negative exploitation of science in the „struggle of the two parties in philosophy“ and therefore, for ideological and political aims. He also showed the insufficiency of naiv realistic attitude of natural scientists in this new situation (taken from the scientific and philosophic point of view).
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