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К marxisticko-leninskej analýze vymedzenia a poslania svetonázoru

Filozofia, 35 (1980), 3, 320-329.
Typ článku: State - Aktuálne problémy marxizmu-leninizmu
The education of Man according to the spirit of Marxist-Leninist world outlook means unity of professional and ideological-political preparation. The first attitude towards analysis of world outlook inquires into problems of world outlook of Man, the second attitude inquires into subjective consequences of the influence of a definite world outlook in the society, their concretization in the world outlook consciousness of Man, in his deeds, in his morality and in his practical activity in general. The world outlook includes, apart from the epistemological component, also axiological, normative, practical components, it further contains quite a number of emotional and non-rational elements. Philosophy as world outlook sui generis is both a conception of the world and a conception of Man; the knowledge of both of them as well as the special way of generalizing this knowledge which has its significance for social, moral, theoretical orientation in the world, is an expression of conscious relation to reality and of theoretical justification of this relation which manifests itself in deciding, acting, spiritual selfrealization of Man.
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