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Axiologické koncepcie českých buržoáznych filozofov I. po­lovice 20.stor. z hľadiska ideologickej funkcie filozofie

Filozofia, 35 (1980), 5, 527-535.
Typ článku: State
The author investigates the conceptions of representatives of the Czech bourgeois philosophy in the first half of the XX-th century, concerning problems of the relation of values and evaluating. He confronts their opinions with the Marxist standpoint, especially as far as the objectivity of values, of evaluating and the character of social activity of Man is concerned. The author analyses the conception of J. Tvrdý who is a typical example confirming how an apparent ideological aspect goes through all his conceptions. The aim of the paper was to point out how ideological motif penetrates philosophical problems of values and evaluating. The author uderlines it is upon this level that such tendencies are characteristic of bourgeois ideology because the philosophical problem of value is exploited by bourgeois philosophers as distinctive apologetic instrument.
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