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Dialektika sociálno-ekonomického, vedecko-technického a ľudského rozvoja v procese výstavby rozvinutého socializmu

Filozofia, 36 (1981), 1, 3-16.
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In the paper the process of construction of a developed socialist society as a unified social organism is analysed. Dialectical relations of socio-economic development, scientific-technological advancement and all-round development of Man in the period of developed socialism are elucidated. The reasons for necessity of complex proportionate development of all social functions of science, especially its function as productive force and as a theoretical base for controlling social processes are substantiated. The increasing importance of the socialist consciousness of the folk masses in the integration of the social system of socialism and in the development of qualitative aspects of socialist social relations is considered and the importance of a creative and complex approach to ideological work is pointed out.
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