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Komunistický svetonázor — jadro formovania duchovného profilu socialistického človeka

Filozofia, 36 (1981), 2, 135-145.
Typ článku: State
The category „worldview“ is characterized as synthesis of knowledge. ideas, conviction, social emotions, ideologic-emotional values and “practical“ activity. In the structure of the category „worldview“ three basic components may be sorted out: ideologic-gnoseologic, sensitive-emotional activist-practical component. Worldview issues are organically connected with ideological questions. On the one side worldview forms the internal base, the substance of ideology and in this sense it represents a part of ideology, it is a form of ideology. Ideologic orientation of the individual depends on the character of his worldview. We may carry out the dividing of worldview socialization into the direct and indirect one and the sorting of their specific qualities in theoretical analysis only. In reality both act in dialectical unity as a complex mechanism of the ripening of the worldview of personality.
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