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Obsah a forma v kultúre súčasného človeka

Filozofia, 38 (1983), 1, 58-69.
Typ článku: State - Filozofia a kultúra
In the paper the author deals with the global genetic aspect of cultural development of Man in the present time. He studies it by means of fundamental categories of content and form. The weak points of universalist, reductionist and cumulative conceptions of the problem in question are shown from the point of view of dialectical and historical-materialist regularities and criteria of cultural development. A formalist and a naturalist approach are confronted. Ontologic, artistic-historical, philosophic and aesthetical-gnoseological attributes of the most typical neo-forms and neostyles in the bourgeois art and the tradition of socialist realism serve as the concrete material of evidence. The problem of experiment and the category of the universal cultural style are made concrete in philosophical and cultural-historical way. Phenomena of discordance, cleavage and discrepancy of content and form in contemporary bourgeois and socialist culture are analysed. Their differences and basic presuppositions of constituting of the new dialectical unity between new contents and their corresponding new forms under the conditions of socialist culture are specified.
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