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Vzťah prestaby k ideovému dedičstvu klasikov marxizmu-leninizmu

Filozofia, 45 (1990), 1, 18-32.
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In the paper substantial difference is made between Lenin's conception of socialism and its deformations made by Stalin in economical, social, political and spiritual sphere, in the sphere of management and in relationship of socialism to human civilization. The author holds that the only way out is the revolutionary renewal of socialism, not the re-installation of the so-called Stalinist model of socialism or the restitution of capitalism. In the paper substantial difference bétween the Leninist and Stalinist interpretation of Marxism in the points of goods-money relationship under socialism, revolutionary terror and collectivization in agriculture is discussed. The author argues that Stalinism was not so much dogmatic sticking to the classics of Marxism-Leninism as principal revision of their teaching („Marxism“ without humanism). He concludes that the way out is freeding of Marxism-Leninism from later interpretation which lead to distortion, normal creative elaboration, based on modern sciences and revolutionary practice.

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