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Problém „krízy“ európskej kultúry v diele A. Gramsciho

Filozofia, 45 (1990), 2, 126-136.
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In the paper the author tackles the problem why in literature and in the spiritual life after the decline of a priori consolidating organizational principles (in connection with the Great French Revolution) the awareness of value and existence crisis arose, and what had to be done so that the marxist science on the development of society could find evolutionary laws and certainties in the seeming chaos of modern world by means of A. Gramsci’s works. The crisis of culture of European type is nothing but the capability of institutions of the „civic society“ to prevent everyone (the individual and the class) to enforce their own value worlds as extra-cultural beings. What is, exists only as a component of communication processes in the culturally saturated milieu. Nothing exists above or beyond them. The awareness that all individual and social projects must go through a complex communication channel of „specifically world“ European culture (they must take the radical solving in the humanities nowadays, due to Gramsci’s analyses, too.  The poetics of fear” of the absence of values in our world is disappearing.

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