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Metodologické väzby medzi filozofiou a psychológiou z hľadiska ich terapeutickej funkcie

Filozofia, 54 (1999), 3, 139-151.
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The contribution focuses on two productive relations between philosophy and psychology - the first one connected with methodology and the second one with the therapeutic function of philosophy. The relations are examined in the frame of four paradigms, two of them being classical: positivistic and post-positivistic, and the other two being alternative: critical and constructionistic.

The author focuses in particular on the philosophical tradition of Husserl's phenomenology and Heidegger's and Gadamer's hermeneutics, stressing the differences between them and the positivistic traditon.

In the second part the author argues, that each of these paradigms implicitly or explicitly embodies also a therapeutical standpoint having its application primarily in special methodologies.

The concluding part outlines, how in the process of therapy these paradigms mutually complement each other. Their effectivenes, however, depends on their followers' capability to find common objectives and priorities in solving particular social problems.

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