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Prosoponická ontológia a jej perspektívy

Filozofia, 57 (2002), 8, 582-590.
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The author gives an outline of the ontology of a universally and personally comprehended being, which, following other philosophers, he calls prosoponic ontology. He points out its importance for future and sees it in a broader context of his creative-evolutionary, pneumatic, trinitary and pleromatic ontology. Out of the analysis of thomistic, especially Thomas' understanding of subsistency he comes to the conception of person and personality in general, as a primordial category of being, as something explicitly implicitly inherent in every being of contingent reality - and uniquely in God. The category of personality is justified and explained out of a creative and creative-evolutionary existential Act of existence (Actus essendi), which originates in an absolutely personal God, its ending being the contingent persons and their personal community and their community with God. He shows, what it means for ontology to know that every person and this existential relationship are grounded prsoponically.

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