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Obraz a virtuální scéna (K problematice obrazů, moci a reprezentace v pojetí V. Flussera)

Filozofia, 58 (2003), 6, 383-395.
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There are several links between an image and virtual scene, due to which the prevailing conception of the fact of representation (or, as Wittgenstein puts it, the state of thing in the regime of visibility) is changing. The paper focuses on one of these links, namely on the relation between the tele-technological production and the principle of representation. In Flusserś approach there are two kinds of images: traditional and technical ones. The fundamental difference between them is that technical images are rooted in some scientific theory and made by devices. From this it follows, that these images only apparently refer to real territory of representation, as their technologies are based on a new system of ordering items for the field of visibility: they create a new continuum of items as substitutions for real things, employing the principle of linear reading and connecting data. In construing objects in the field of visibility devices refer only to virtual scene, thus restaging the real. It is a scene, which transfers the objects of the real into a regime, in which all visible is a result of unrepresented system of operations and their theories.

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