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Hra s multiplicitou znaků podle U. Eca

Filozofia, 58 (2003), 8, 523-543.
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The paper outlines the explicatory frame of Eco's understanding of the multiplicity of signs. Its starting point is the conception of truth as a multi-essence. The signs, however, do not have their origin in simple construction of the social world: it must be decoded by menas of multilayer signs, referring not only to themselves, but also to their connection with other signs. It is the principle of structurated combination, i e. the method of combinating anlaogies across the filed of interaction, which makes the reading of sings as mlutiple essences possible. Other possible layeres of interpretation are then discovered by other uses of combinations provided by the multiplicity of the sign. This regime of recombinating layeres and contextual fields enables Eco to make interpretatory shifts due to which the truth can be seen as one version of the "floating" of the sign in the interactive field of essences.

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