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Potreba istoty, či otvorenosť zmenám? (K etickej koncepcii R. Rortyho)

Filozofia, 67 (2012), 2, 104-111.
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The aim of the paper is to shed light on several aspects of the neopragmatist conception of R. Rorty, which are related to the problem of morality. The anti- dualistic position, adopted by R. Rorty, opens the way to overcoming the traditional philosophical reasoning of metaphysical normatives and principles. This is why the possibility of moral progress is not connected to the reasoning of abstract principles, but perceived as a possibility of increased sensitivity, as the capability of tolerance, empathy to the opinion of the others, willingness to listen, relying on argumentation rather than force. Rorty’s position represents an important inspiration for the reconstruction of the place and possibility of morality in our human condition today.

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Abstract principles, Metaphysical basis, Sensitivity, Toleration, Moral progress, Conversation

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