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O vášni ako vôli k existencii

Filozofia, 68 (2013), 1, 62-73.
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In the history of thought we would hardly find an author accentuating passion in his work as strongly as Kierkegaard did. But his comprehension of passion does not correspond to common usage of the term. The paper begins, therefore, with pointing out the differences between the common understanding of passion as a strong emotion and Kierkegaard’s specific concept of passion as an essential interest in one’s own existence. However, the main intention of the paper is to offer an interpretation of his specific concept of passion as the will to existence based on the analysis of the correlative relationship between passion and existence. Some positive aspects of passion as found in Kierkegaard’s authorship are outlined as well.

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Authenticity/Moral integrity, Choice, Emotion/Will, Existence, Passion, Subjective truth

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