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Na margo poznávacej stratégie v sociálnom poznaní: medzi interpretativizmom a naturalizmom

Filozofia, 71 (2016), 8, 669-679.
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The article deals with cognitive strategies in social cognition considering its two radical patterns, i.e. naturalism and interpretivism. The author’s view is that it is necessary to differentiate between so called “interpretive philosophy” (G. Abel) and interpretivism as a methodological program in social sciences. A special attention is paid to those ways of naturalization of social knowledge applying the modernized evolutionary Darwinian perspective. Analyzed is especially the so called “epidemiological approach” of D. Sperber who promotes ontological reductionism which does not need to be necessarily accompanied by the theoretical one.

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D. Sperber, G. Abel, Interpretative philosophy, Interpretivism, Naturalism, Naturalization of social science, Reductionism

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