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Tri možné modely vzťahu prirodzeného/biologického a politického/sociálneho

Filozofia, 72 (2017), 9, 685-697.
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The contribution deals with the problem which, regardless of more than one possible resolution, still remains unresolved, namely the relationship between the natural biological condition of humans on one side and the politics and their social life on the other. Drawing on several well-known philosophical approaches, the author describes three main models of dealing with the relationship at issue: (1) the model proposing close interconnection between the two dimensions with politics as the predominating sphere; (2) the model taking the two dimensions as independent with the predominance of political factors in social life; (3) the model going back to so called “bio-power”, in which the biological and the political merge without losing their respective relative and even absolute independence. The crucial question is, whether one can speak about a “purely biological life” within a society, or even about its growing importance in contemporary social and political world.

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Human natural condition, Natural condition, Nature, The biological, The political

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