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(Zne)uznání a sociální nespravedlnost: Pierre Bourdieu k dialogu mezi Nancy Fraser a Axelem Honnethem

Filozofia, 79 (2024), 6, 637 - 650.
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The article focuses on interpreting the concept of recognition as a claim of social justice from the perspective of two contemporary representatives of critical theory, Axel Honneth and Nancy Fraser. It elucidates the fundamental disputes of their dialogue. While Fraser sees remedies for injustices in the realm of recognition within an objectivist status model, Honneth emphasizes the subjective experience of disrespect by individuals. The main argument of the study is that in addressing some of the conceptual and philosophical disputes sparked by the dialogue between Fraser and Honneth in the field of theories of social justice, it is possible to use Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of habitus, which can serve as a reconciling and new analytical tool for reflecting on the notion of (mis)recognition in contemporary systems of value pluralism.
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habitus, Moral philosophy, Justice, Recognition

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