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A Drop Model of Reality and Time

(Original title: Spádový model reality a času)
Filozofia, 21 (1966), 5, 488-504.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Czech
1. The idea of a flow system was developed in modern science in connection with the notion of a drop and entropy. Along with hydrodynamics, thermodynamics and information theory, this model has been utilized, for instance, by Bertalanffy for the living organism. The drop model may also be applied in ontology to questions of reality and time.
2. The flow of time and of actual reality may be explained, according to this model, as the effect of a drop down when a certain input source is hypothetically assumed as supplying negative entropy (orderliness) and a certain interfereing source as depreciating it. In parts and in the whole of reality, incessant processes of a qualitative degradation take place which must somehow be compensated for. The drop model of reality and time could, under certain conditions, be also expressed mathematically.
3. The question of reproduction of reality is considered, for instance, by N. A. Kozyrev’s hypothesis which correlates the flow of time with the production of energy. The question of reproduction in ontology could likewise be modelled by means of the theory of self-induced oscilátory systems with feed-back.
4. The discrete time theory has its starting point in the idea of the flow of time made up of elementary units — chronones. These chronones might be introduced in connection with quanta of incessantly reproducing negative entropies.
5. Degrees of negative entropy could be made to characterize the scale of qualitative degrees of reality. Evolution gives rise to constantly higher qualities and an accumulation of negentropy (orderliness). The growth of negentropy in evolution corresponds to the constant slow-down of time flow. This relation could be expressed as a certain functional correlation. The latter is dealt with in its essence, for instance, by Teilhard in philosophy, by Gamow in cosmology, and by others.
6. The system of reality is characterized by a certain partiality, mediocrity, wastefulness. Hypothetically, even marginal systems might be thought of with maximum and minimum negentropy, or maximum and minimum wastefulness. These systems represent an interfering input source ini a drop model.
7. The drop model of reality is not satisfied with the mere statement of the fact of reality dynamics, but endeavours to explain them further. It is assumed that the fact of time flow and the fact of a qualitative depreciation of reality must be causally explained. Time and reality are being continuously reproduced, negentropy is incessantly supplied and degraded. The drop model deepens the notion of dialectics and materialistic monism.
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