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Social and Technological Factors of Man’s Protection in the System of Labour

(Original title: Sociálne a technické faktory ochrany človeka v systéme práce)
Filozofia, 28 (1973), 6, 638-653.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
The various forms of man's endangerment in the process of modern production bring along a whole complex of practical and theoretical questions of protection of man in the system of labour. Theoretical questions get from the sphere of the sciences of work frequently even to the ground of philosophy. They are namely the theoretical questions of endangerment, the solution of which on the level of philosophy gets two extreme forms of wrong interpretation. Once the factors of endangerment are inadequately overestimated in sceptical prognoses of the growing danger in the system of production of the starting civilization, another time quite the contrary. The factors of endangerment and the needs of protection of man in the system of labour of the automated production are inadequately underestimated. The problem of endangerment and protection is at last presented and solved simply as a question of practice, soluble by the very development of automation of production. The autor of the article explains this problem as an urgent task of the theory and practice of organization of work. He emphasizes that the given problem is effectively soluble only by methods of complex socialist rationalization of labour and these methods are not replaceable by technological methods of automation of production only. It is being emphasized first of all in this connection that, in the system of production that is being automated, the attention of the many branches of sciences of labour should be concentrated namely on the organizational factor of the structure of system of labour. An appropriate organizational attention is to be paid to the topical tasks of regulation of the evolutionary changes of man’s creative capabilities in the system of labour in automated production. The author concludes that such organizational tasks of man’s protection in the process of labour can be provided only by methods of protection adequate to the entire system of labour. They are formed in the theory and practice of organization of protection of labour as an inseparable component of the general organization of labour and not negligible component of the complex socialist racionalization of labour.
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