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Temporal Structure of Causal Relation

(Original title: Časová štruktúra kauzálneho vzťahu)
Filozofia, 28 (1973), 6, 654-665.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
In the paper the author attempts at solving the antinomy that arose from the interpretation of the temporal relation of the cause and effect. On the one hand even the marxist philosophers absolutize the preceding of effect by cause in time, while on the other hand the simultaneity of the cause and effect is absolutized. Both standpoints are, in the given state, incompatible. On the basis of the dialectic-materialistic preconditions the author investigates the structure of the temporal interval of mutual operation of cause andeffect. He separates two basic notions: a) The time of the transition of the cause into the effect, b) the moment of the transition of the cause into the effect. He points out that every process passing in objective reality is materialized by the quantums of operation. In the quantum of operation there passes the immediate unity of the cause and effect. On the one hand in the quantum of operation there is characterized the discreetness of change and, on the other hand, as the quantum of operation is indivisible, the connection of the passing changes. The relation of the cause and effect is not only connected, but also discreet, it is the unity of connection and discreetness. Thus in the causal relation two aspects are revealed: a) the genetic aspect, b) the structural aspect. The genetic one reflects the direction of the changes of material processes, while the structural one reflects mutual operation. The author can see the solution of the problem only in the unity of a structural-genetic approach which allows to reveal the essence of the causal relation and which is a dialectical unity of simultaneity and temporal sequence.
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