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Ideo-Political Consciousness and the Scientific-Technical Development

(Original title: Ideovo-politická uvedomelosť a vedeckotechnický rozvoj)
Filozofia, 30 (1975), 1, 3-14.
Type of work: Papers and Discussions
Publication language: Slovak
The system of controlling the development of socialist science, technology and production must not leave man to his elemental nature if he is to function as a realiable subject of creation. A really reliable man's functioning here cannot be secured just by taking care of Ir.s professionaltheoretical equipment. It is decisive for the optimum efficacy of the control of the scientific-technological development that the subject of the scientific-technological creation should be cultivated ideologically and politically. Special attention is to be paid to the tasks of ideological-political cultivation of the functions of the mediating component* of the system of control, in its immediate working connections with the executive component. All components of the system of control and, last but not least, also the mediating regulation organs in their immediate relation to the executive organs are to be subordinated to the theoretical programme of the controlling centre. The mediating regulation components of control in the relations of the centre and executive organs are to be equipped not only professionally, but also properly ideologically. They accomplish the particular educational tasks of the Marxist-Leninist cultivating of the conduct of the executive components in the system of control.
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